Chef’s Table

Dining & Culinary Experiences

Experience the spirit of Culinary Extravaganza with bespoke table laid out just for you and your loved ones. Relish a lavish four or seven course authentic Italian menu crafted by our talented chefs. Indulge in a wide range of Italian Antipastis, hand made Pastas, varieties of fresh Seafood, Meats, Vegetarian dishes, Classic and Innovative Risottos, hand made Gelatos and decadent Desserts. A highlight of-course remains the Hand Tossed Wood fire pizzas made live in front of you, almost like your very own culinary theatre. Book a table and let the culinary carnival begin, Buon appetito !!

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
10:00 pm to 12:00 am

Villa Bistro

Rs. 2500 + tax
Per Person


  • Bruchetta Assortite Or Pulled Chicken & Aioli with Olive Drizzle
  • Mushroom & Cream Cheese Or Smoked Salmon & Ricotta


  • Instalata Caesar (The Classic Masterpiece)


  • Tagliatelle Al Fungi (Toscana Favorite Pasta, Pairs perfectly with Rich Mushroom Ragu)
  • Ziti Alla Noroma Di Pollo (Hollow Tube Pasta Combined with Ricotta, Eggplant & a Chunky Tomato Sauce Topped with Confit Chicken)


  • Classic Tiramisu (Italian Dessert with Mascarpone Cheese Espresso and Kahlua)


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