A traditional therapeutic techniques originated centuries ago that uses herbs & spices wrapped in muslin, steamed to release the aromas and oils with relieve sore muscles. ... Thai Herbal Poultice is a deep heat medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to 14th Century Ayutthaya Thailand when a hot pack was administered to war soldiers returning from battle. Today it remains an integral part of Modern Thai Medicine. The heat, combined with the organic herbs is absorbed by the body & helps reduce aches & pains, stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and detoxify & condition the skin. A variety of techniques are used to achieve a wide range of benefits using the herbal poultice, which is combined with an Asian blend of Royal Thai, Stretching and Aromatherapy Massage corresponding to specific Sen Points (similar to acupressure) and Sen Meridians to release blocked energy, and increase the flow of energy in the body.
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Location: SPA

Timing: 24 hours

Price: 5000 + tax Per Person (60 Mins) 7500 + Tax Per Person (90 Mins)

For Bookings Call: +91 8956371104