#2 Hell Night

Can you surive in the wild? Learn survival technique in the wilderness and experience the jungle in the middle of the night withIndian Army Ex. Commandos & team of expert trainer from Della D.A.T.A. (Warning: Not for the faint-hearted) ... Take a ride on the wild side with our hell night adventure trail. Allow the stars to be your guide as you work out directions through the jungle. Forage for herbs and edibles for your meal. Set up a bonfire to cook your trail treat. Exchange ghost stories or have a happy sing along. If you are in the moods for some new learning your guide could teach you some distress signals that could come handy if you ever lose yourself in the wilderness. Indulge in the blanket of the comforting night breeze, let the stars sparkle on you and the moon light up your adventure. This is a special evening when you can commune with nature at her quietest, which can be both magnificent and terrifying. If you are lost in the jungle, do you have it in you to survive?
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Location: D.A.T.A. Resorts

Timing: 4 hour slot as scheduled

7:00 am - 11:00 pm / 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Travel to D.A.T.A in 4x4 car

Mini Hell Night Price: 3500 +Tax per person

Full Hell Night Price: 5000 +Tax per person

For Bookings Call: +91 8956371104