#4 Nature Trail

Find yourself as you lose yourself on an adventure into nature. Embark on an amazing trek to Fanasrai and witness the pristine beauty of Lonavala’s landscape. ... It's not where you take the trail but where the trail takes you. Experience nature at its best. Our trails take you up close and personal with the flora of our beautiful country side. Your guide will take you from the resort through the most intriguingly delightful paths detailing as you go along the leaves, shrubs, wild-flowers and scrub you encounter enroute. The multi-hued butterflies and the song birds will keep you entertained through the walk. The cool breeze, the tranquillity the proximity to nature will undoubtedly clear all the worries and tensions that have been cluttering your mind. The Della Nature Trail is an unmissable escape to peace. Our team shall start the journey from the resort passing by the local village and walk you through the pristine trails. We believe, every walk you take with nature, you receive far more than you seek. A walk with nature helps to reduce stress levels and enhances social interactions
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Location: Near Patel Dam

Timing: 8:00 am to 9:30 am & 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Price: 1000 + tax per person

For Bookings Call: +91 8956371104