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Single malt Scotch whisky is one of the most well-regarded spirits in the world. It has a huge scope for distinction; it can offer complexity or effortlessness, unrivalled power or a subtle undertone. To legally be called a single malt Scotch, the whisky must be distilled at a single distillery in Scotland, in a copper pot still from nothing other than malted barley, yeast and water. It must then be aged in an oak cask for at least three years in and a day in Scotland, and be bottled at minimum 40% abv.

There are regional variations within Scotland, and terroir and geography play a massive part in the character of the whisky. Nevertheless, in a Scotch single malt, it is the oak barrel that has the major effect upon the character of the finished spirit, it claims to be at least 60% of the final flavour. Discover everything you need to know about this distiguished drink in an evening of fine flavour.

12:00 pm to 12:00 am

Villa Bistro

Rs. 3500 + tax
per person

  • Glenlivet 18 years
  • Lagavulin 10 years
  • Hibiki ( Japanese Whiskey)
  • Amrut (Premium Indian Whiskey)
  • Jameson (Premium Irish Whiskey)
  • JimBim ( Premium Burbon Whiskey)
  • Canadian Club (Premium Canadian Whiskey)
  • Chivas 18 years

Pallet Cleanser Menu

  • Plain bread squares
  • Plain Water and Ice
  • Cheese Cracker Biscuits

15 Premium Malt and Whiskey bottles to be displayed.

Bar stool to be used as seating area at the bar counter.

8 variations of whiskey to be served (15 ml each).

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