About Us

The Della Creative Lifestyle Weekend (DCLW) is a one of a kind luxury event that will be hosted for the first time in India. Here, various facets of creative expression such as fashion, art, design, entertainment and more will come together to expand your definition of luxury and style. Each month we will be featuring one of our 13 categories in an immersive, unparalleled experience at Della Resorts, Lonavla.

DCLW will bring together scions of industry, creative minds, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and curious thinkers to be delighted and enveloped by our signature hospitality, distinguished speakers, unique events and brand showcases.

We will address key issues that will define the future of each domain and generate solutions to amplify national impact. The DCLWs will also consist of experiential events where attendees in the field can showcase their work in search of investments and exposure in the industry.

For young entrepreneurs, DCLW offers a series of unrivalled live events to connect you to people who believe in the power of creativity. By making powerful introductions and highlighting the incredible work brands are doing in India, we want to promote innovation, understanding, investment and experiences.

A first of its kind concept where well-known & promising talent from the creative spectrum will converge under one umbrella marked on a 12 month calender.

Della Resorts

A luxury hotel destination in the heart of Lonavla, Della Resorts serves as the perfect backdrop to the magic and creativity that will unfold at each DCLW. This is where our guests, speakers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders will stay during the weekend experience.

13+ Creative Experiences