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It can arrive as a conception, grow as a possibility and manifest as a breath-taking reality.

It has happened at Della. A dream to create a luxurious holiday and Adventure destination quickly saw light and its today a known and celebrated place for companies and families to forge new teams and take a unique break.

Della Adventure & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. owns and operates Della Resorts & Villas, India’s largest extreme adventure luxury resort. With 168 luxury
rooms (43 Luxury Resort Rooms | 30 Camp Della Resort Rooms | 44 Adventure Resort Rooms | 46 Villa Rooms | 4 Della Suites | 1 presidential suite), signature villas and lavish restaurants spread amidst the scenic hills of Lonavala, Della Resorts welcomes visitors with the finest indulgences it has to offer.

The brainchild of Jimmy Mistry – Chairman & Managing Director, the resort reflects his passion for design and has an incomparable charm to it. The signature lifestyle destination stands out for its distinctive architecture, unique interiors, picturesque locations, landscape gardens, pavilions and beautiful decorative fountains.

Our global experiences have been responsible for the philosophy that is followed at Della. It has helped us understand that spare time, however little, is a luxury that should be utilised in a way so as to make the most of it. In order to help you do this, Della Resorts provides unique 24 hour services at Della Spa, Salon, Swimming Pool, Fitness Centre, Mini Mart, Business Centre with all modern amenities and a fine dining experience at Café 24.

Why we are into hospitality?

We want to create a new benchmark in affordable luxury using design thinking, built unique resorts better and faster hence creating properties of enduring value and supporting them with a deeply instilled ethic of personal service.

How we do it?

1. We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding and every employee is given a sense of purpose and feeling that they are helping to build a company that they can take pride in.

2. Treat others, as you would want to be treated.

3. Design Thinking.


We think differently by challenging the status quo of conventional hospitality standards by inspiring a lifetime of rare experiences because luxury is about creating something rare, something new. We keep thinking what would touch a cord in the hearts of our guest.

Started in 1996 Della has been operating at an award winning level for almost two decades. Today we have grown into 4 companies with employee strength of 1500 and growing. Jimmy Mistry is the driving force and inspiration behind the practice. To him it's all about providing unique designs that exceed the expectations of his customers at the same time keeping up with the international trends within all four business verticals. Creative thinking is in the DNA of this man.

Having designed award winning projects for the who's who of corporate India for the past 19 years, we now utilize our diversified expertise to transforms the interior business into a unique design thinking creation designed and curated by Jimmy Mistry under the brand Della diversified into the second homes concept based on our past expertise in the field of real estate and construction that's how Signature Villas were designed by Jimmy Mistry. Based on the success of our Signature Villas, Della identified the need for a clean, good, recreational bonding place which created a niche for Della Adventure Park. The rising demand from the Della Adventure Park in a place such as Lonavala for stay back initiated our Della Resorts. A luxury destination to engage, amuse and entertain clients.

For our guests who are looking to relax and replenish, the resort cocoons you in attentions and amenities that erase the outside world and minister to every sense. The colour schemes are daring no matter what their intent: spaces of energy are striking and dramatic, infused with a vibrant spirit, and life as it should be at its dramatic best. Spaces of rest and seclusion are muted, romantic and enveloping. All throughout, I picked from a palette of black and gold, warm wooden tones, rich cardinal reds and whites to bring style and elegance. It is the aesthetics of my dream world. What I conceived, I created without compromise. My singular aim is to give you an experience like never before.

I also invite you to expect to find this all in another dimension at the Della Extreme Adventure Park. Here I set out to design a different order of adrenaline rush. It is India's Largest Adventure Park, and its 100 adventures will overwhelm your senses like no other park in India ever could, which is why it places India on the world adventure map.

Everything you see and touch in the Della world is of my personal design. Nothing is left to chance: the Della workshop, staffed by expert craftsmen of various expertise handmake all the furnishings. Of one thing I am adamant: a Della Resort should bear no resemblance to the conventional ‘commissioned’ resort. The Della Resort is my labour of love, and that is why it feels so intensely personal.

Please write or email to me on and let me know about your Della experience. I assure you, my team and I will act promptly on your suggestions.

Warm wishes to you and your family.

Jimmy Mistry
Chairman & Managing Director

DEsigner's Vision

The common factor between all is Design

We indulge our passion for design with two characteristics: an obsession for luxury and uniqueness.

You can see it immediately in the structure of the entire resort, and in the minutest of detail. All the spaces are conceived and calculated to either enclose you or encourage you to step out, colour and texture are fused together to create a sensory engage.


Jimmy Mistry


Jimmy became a hotelier as he always believed that there is a gap in the hospitality industry, he concentrated on the basics, such as the availability of 24 hr service, plus he wanted to include luxury with an element of design and surprise. The resort also consists of India's First Largest Extreme Adventure Park. This is how the 'Gen Next Hospitality' is created.

The 3 brand resorts, he created in Della are Della Luxury Resort, Camp Della Resort and Della Adventure Resort. These resorts are created with two characteristics: an obsession for luxury and uniqueness. Everything one sees and touches in the Della Resorts is personally designed by Jimmy. Nothing was left to chance: the Della workshop is staffed by expert craftsmen of various expertise. He made sure that Della Resorts bear no resemblance to the conventional 'commissioned' resort. This can be seen immediately in the structure of the entire resorts, and in the minutest of detail. He always wants his guest to relax and replenish, to the resort cocoons with attentions and amenities that erase the outside world and minister every senses of the guest, with the view, of the resorts unique design.

He also wants his guest to experience, round the clock service, which most resorts around the world shut their fine dining restaurants, swimming pools, spas and other recreational areas by mid night or even earlier. At Della resorts Jimmy has resolved to change this and come with a unique approach to resort luxury which was to extend the experience for 24 Hours. Here he has dedicated an entire building '24 HOUR HUB' catering several of the services as 24 Hour Fine Dine Restaurant, 24 Hour Della Spa, 24 Hour Salon, 24 Hour Fitness Centre, 24 Hour Swimming Pool & Lounge and 24 Hour Souvenirs & More.


Jimmy has always been passionate of speed, particularly motorcycle racing. Who thought that a passionate biker would one day design India's biggest extreme adventure park? But it has come true with Jimmy Mistry, who although was a big lover of bikes but then also ventured into the space of Della adventure and design and today, he is well recognized in the sector. It was the same time when he also realized that India deserves a meeting, holiday and adventure option that was equal to any of the best in the world, then just theme and amusement park. Thus he sourced of safe, good, clean, quality enjoyment.

Della Adventure a world-class 'One-Stop-Shop' adventure park.

His adventure sensitivity and execution is refined, sophisticated and fun.


“At Della Group no success or achievement in material terms shall be considered worthwhile unless it serves the needs or interests of the community, country and its people and is achieved by fair & honest means.”

We at Della Group have been inspired by the contribution of Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata & JRD Tata to the development of the country.

JRD Tata Jamshetji
Nusserwanji Tata

We humbly hope to follow in their footsteps.


Chairman & Managing Director

Our commitment to quality is reflected at every level – Be it

Process or  

Taking pride in the professional quality of our service, we diligently follow the path of excellence in our every activity.