Kunegaon Lonavala, Maharashtra 410 401, India,

Opening Timings

6pm to 12am

Elevate Your Senses To A New High

At Della Resorts, we are delighted to unveil a high-flying culinary adventure like no other.

Designed by the iconic designer Jimmy Mistry, this is where innovative biophilic design meets the elegance of fine dining, 150 feet above.

Be among the first to experience the grandeur seated at our 24-seater bespoke levitating table 150 feet up in the air. It’s not just a meal; it’s a panoramic spectacle, with the entire 50-acre township of Della Resorts, Adventure, and Villas shimmering below you, adorned with over 6,000 LEDs.

This mesmerizing blend of lights, luxury, and landscape is Jimmy Mistry’s signature, transforming dining into an otherworldly experience. Get ready to indulge in an ambiance where each detail adds to an exhilarating encounter that exists nowhere else in the world.

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