Leisure & Activities


24 hour services

Our unique approach to luxury resort is to extend the experience for 24 hours.

In today's world of frequent travel, we fail to understand why hotels limit the timings to access its amenities. Here at Della, we believe in letting the customer enjoy every second of their experience, at their own convenience.

24 Hour Hub

At Della Resorts, guests are treated to a variety of amenities and services, many of them available around the clock.
With time being considered the greatest luxury of all, Della is pleased to offer a dedicated, 24-hour hub housed in its own building,
that houses a spa, salon, fitness centre, souvenir store, café, pool and more - all open day and night. Guests get the chance to truly unplug,
follow their own schedules, and enjoy the vast array of leisure activities that Della has to offer.

24 hours swimming pool
24 Hr Swimming pool
24 hours spa services
24 Hr SPA
24 hours salon services
24 Hr Salon
24 hours gym services
24 Hr Fitness center
24 hours open cafe 24
24 Hr Restaurant
souvenir store open 24 hours
24 Hr Souvenir Store


activities at extreme adventure park

We are the pioneers in extreme adventure park within India, with 5 star luxury amenities.

We believe that there was a complete absence of organized high adrenaline adventure activities in India, which were safe and run by a corporate entity A one stop luxurious destination that would provide good, clean and safe entertainment and recreation for mind, body and soul. A place where one could do more than 56 activities and yet stay in sync with environment, animals and motorbikes.

Della Extreme Adventure challenges you do the Daring 3

The Della Rocket Ejector that flings you 4.5 floors into the sky, the Della Swoop that swings you a clear 100 feet
and the Flying Fox that whips you across the Park in mid-air for as far as 1250 feet.

boy riding ATV at della adventure park
adventure activity
group of friends enjoying at della adventure park, lonavala