Artisanal cuisines from around the world congregate with culinary finery to form a 24-hour gastronomic experience like never before. Café 24 is truly a round-the-clock dining pleasure that serves a fine-dine multi-cuisine menu which is available 24 hours.

Gastronomic Masterclass

Café 24 is a celebration of food and flavours, as the menu borrows dishes and master pieces from the farthest and finest corners of global culinary excellence. This is where you will rejuvenate your day with an elaborately delicious breakfast buffet which is simply one of the finest you could hope to experience in Lonavala. Through the course of the day, you can indulge in gastronomic delights with a range of Indian, Asian and Continental dishes for lunch or dinner, or relish an elaborate Sunday brunch which is touted as one of the best brunch experience near Mumbai and Pune.

Awards won by Café 24

India awards

Best 24 hour Dining Restaurant

  • This 200-seater, fine dine multicuisine restaurant and Coffee Shop, the Café has large picture windows which overlooks the sparkling blue swimming pool adding a very elegant vibe.
  • The highlight of the restaurant is the Swarovski crystal horse design adorning the restaurant space. At night, the space takes on a more glamorous vibe, with muted lighting from recessed ceiling alcoves and chandeliers, as well as from the tastefully-designed bar.
  • Our fine dine 24-hr restaurant is a jewel in our culinary crown a jewel in our culinary crown. It is adorned with large picture windows which bring in the first rays of the sun and the last throws of the moon in our 24-hour odyssey. The restaurant overlooks the cooling crystal blue waters of the swimming pool bringing with it a calming and eclectic vibe to your meals. The décor is further accentuated by a Swarovski bejewelled crystal horse that takes centre stage along with muted lighting, from recessed ceiling alcoves and chandeliers.
  • Indulge in alluring candlelight dinners by the poolside for a special occasion where the Chef enthrals you with select choice of masterfully prepared culinary creations.
  • Our live performers in the evening would keep you entertained with their thespian talents while you relish finest beverages and signature cocktails from a fully stocked and tastefully designed bar
Signature Dishes / Signature cocktails

Café 24 is a celebration of food and flavours, as the menu borrows dishes and master pieces from the farthest and finest corners of global culinary excellence.


Amazing Evening and Dinner at Café 24.

Excellent food. Our Captain for the evening was Ms. Lipika and she attended to us promptly. Would recommend Café 24 to my family, friends and all who want to have a good time and fancy dinner.

Reviewed by NATASHA S

April 2023

It's an ideal holiday destination and experienced staff.

It was a great experience at Cafe 24. The staff are very good and humble, especially Mr. Kunal Mondal. He is very professional, prompt & courteous. The food was delicious. We are extremely happy with the service. Awesome experience! We would like to visit Cafe 24 again.

Reviewed by Dreamer44724030289

February 2023

Beautiful view and great food.

I visited with my 4 other friends. We had chicken tante marte, chicken tikka pizza, pina colada and virgin mojito. It was absolutely amazing. Our server Khanak was very kind to us and was professional with his service. We will definitely visit again.

Reviewed by BAroroo123

January 2023

Relaxing and calming vibe.

This is the most beautiful place where you can visit with your loved ones and my overall experience was awesome, the resort looks like heaven; and food and services are good and quick. Our server, Khanak and Pradip were very kind to us, and Ashmita was specially outstanding with her service and bears charming smile. Keep it up and would recommend to all to visit at least once.

Reviewed by tikshabinekar

January 2023

Cafe 24 offers wide spread cuisines and they serve great food. We ordered Pad Thai Noodles and Fried rice. Food was too good and chef looks into our request in person .. Great food and nice hospitality

Reviewed by PawanK661

29 Aug 2022

So it was indeed a over whelming service. Starting from the gate of the restaurant to the service to the Aesthetic appeal of the restaurant. Everything goes hand in hand with the vibe. Honestly love the service done my Ms. Tanya. She was extremely sweet and courteous in her service. Also special mention for Mr. Pranayak Sarkar who made sure that we were being provided with the best of the Hospitality.

Reviewed by sbjs2016

28 Aug 2022

Loved the ambience ; the Live Jazz musician from Belarus was soothing; the food was great and our servers Pratik and Yash wat were prompt and courteous! Gladly come here again.

Reviewed by khushrowp

28 Aug 2022

We visited Cafe 24 at Della to celebrate my wife's birthday. We had booked a candle light dinner. We loved the arrangement done by the restaurant and also the food was really good. Would always recommend anyone to visit this restaurant.

Reviewed by Nikhil657

27 Aug 2022