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Della Resorts is in the business of making memories, and the range of tailor-made experiences offered at the property helps to create everlasting bonds. No request is too small nor too complex - the dedicated teams at Della are experts in creating highly personalized, extraordinary moments that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.
bespoke experiences at della resorts


Escaping the bustle of city life has numerous benefits, one of them being able to look up and admire an expanse of star-studded sky. Guests looking to make an impact on their partners can choose to book this beautiful bonding experience. The Della team can pack a special picnic for the couple to enjoy while they relax and revel in the views and in each other.

private bonfire night at della resorts

Private Bonfire Night

Being set on so many sprawling acres puts Della Resorts at the unique advantage of having a number of outdoor activities and offerings that guests can take full advantage of. Perfect for couples, families, or larger groups is Della’s Bonfire night, a fun and outdoorsy activity where guests can enjoy nature and each other’s company, around a roaring fire. Guests can sing camp songs, try their hand at making ‘smores, and much more!

high tea at villa bistro cafe

High Tea at Villa Bistro

Those who crave a bit of elegance with their afternoon cuppa will enjoy the High Tea experience specially curated at the Villa Bistro. The spread includes a full British high tea, with scones, clotted cream, fresh preserves, finger sandwiches, and much more. Guests can enjoy this decadent evening repast while enjoying the views of the luxuriant lawns that surround them.

special candle light dinners

Chef’s Special Candlelight Dinner

An ideal option for couples looking to take the romance up a notch, the Chef’s Special candlelight dinner can be arranged in the comfort and privacy of a guest’s suite. While many suites have Chef’s Tables built-in, where the Master Chef and his team can whip up a menu of culinary treats, other rooms can also be set up for this very special evening. Custom menus based on guest’s preferences, wine pairings recommended by Della’s experts, and even some themed decor can be arranged for the evening.


Bespoke Sit-Down Dinners

Larger groups, families, and corporates visiting Della Resorts can plan events of scale, thanks to the team of experts on property. If a highly-personalized, sit-down dinner is the need of the hour, guests can rest assured that Della will create the exact experience that they are looking for. Given the advantage of numerous banquet and event spaces, Della can guide guests to choose the perfect venue for their event, and then work hand-in-hand to create customized menus, an event flow, light entertainment, decor, and much more.

24 hours spa services

Rejuvenating Spa Retreat

No luxury resort is complete without a full-service spa and Della does not disappoint on that front. The resort’s luxurious spa offers a range of packages and special experiences for guests. Couples looking to spend precious time together while unwinding with spa treatments are in for a treat - they can opt for Della’s relaxing and rejuvenating spa offerings (tailor made to individual choice), followed by a light yet satiating, three-course spa lunch. Surrounded by the soothing sounds of running water and lush greenery, couples will enjoy an oasis of calm in which they can truly focus on each other and their own relaxation.

outdoor nature trek at della resorts

Nature Trek

The outdoorsy types will enjoy an opportunity to take in their surroundings and absorb the natural beauty that Della is built on, via a Nature Trek. Led by an experienced guide, guests will be taken on wilderness trails through the property, with the path being decided based on their fitness levels and inclination to exercise. A light picnic lunch will be served at the end of the trek, while guests relax after all their hard work!



Designed to cater to guests with a more luxury bent of mind, Della’s glamping experience offers the rustic feel of camping, but in plush, comfortable surroundings. The property’s luxury tents offer every amenity imaginable, allowing guests to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, without the hassles of camp life. Della’s ever-resourceful team can curate a number of camp-themed activities for guests, such as s’mores and folk songs around a campfire, tent-side cocktails and dinner, spa treatments under the stars, and much more.

specially cuarated fun family experiences

Specially Curated Family Experiences

Families looking for a getaway at Della that will allow them to bond and reconnect, away from the stresses of everyday life, are in the right hands. The resort team can work with families to customize their stay, taking everything into consideration such as the parents and children’s favourite foods, activities, interests and games, in order to create an entirely personalized stay. Mom and daughter spa bonding sessions, dad and son adventure activities, and fun for the full family are all on the cards, during a Della getaway.